I primarily teach two courses:

  • DA3410: Modeling for Special Operations II (i.e., statistics and data analysis)
  • DA4410: Models of Conflict (i.e., game theory)

Other graduate courses taught (graduate-level):

  • Quantitative Decision-Making, Naval Postgraduate School
  • Game Theory for Defense Analysis, Naval Postgraduate School
  • Mathematical Biology Graduate Seminar, UT Knoxville

Primary Instructor (undergraduate-level):

  • Terrorism and War (as a Chancellor’s Teaching Fellow), UC Davis

Teaching Assistant (undergraduate-level):

  • Environmental Economics, UC Davis
  • Principles of Environmental Policy Evaluation, UC Davis
  • Environmental Analysis, UC Davis
  • Principles of Ecology and Evolution, UC Davis
  • Engineering Applications in Biological Systems, Cornell*
  • Environmental Systems Analysis, Cornell
  • Explorations in Engineering, Cornell
  • Introduction to MATLAB Programming, Cornell

Career Discovery Mentor (UC Davis):

  • Positioning Yourself for Success, primary instructor
  • Entering the Professional World, primary instructor
  • Career Discover Seminar, teaching assistant

* – Selected as my department’s undergraduate teaching assistant of the year.